Forced to play Rayas Children in an MP game?

Played tried to before going afk; an MP game with @Fornjotr the other day… and (i dont know if you heard/understood Forn) even though i clicked AC once i loaded in and tried changing jobs i noticed i had pottery and etc instead of carpenter to choose from

Steps to reproduce:
I dont know if you can?

Expected Results:
Click Ascendancy on embarkation - load in as AC

Actual Results:
Load in as RC

@Fornjotr was the host… i know he was using a few mods - but they were ones i already had (and this has never happened to me before)

And then on today’s stream with @angelo3060 ? and @sdee when they were in MP they noticed a similar occurance?? (might be a seperate/unrelated issue - or just confusion - they were using the norse mod


Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest build

Cant remember which off the top of my head (mods)
System Information:

not needed in this case?


yes i remember you mentioned it, the only mod that was installed was the armis maximus :slight_smile:

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