For the Last Patch

Hey everybody!,

I love this game. Since finding this game, I fell head over heels for it being a huge RTS, city-builder fan myself. This game had it all!

Whereas I’m incredibly sad that development had to stop on this project, obviously I can understand that after so long there needs to be point it needs to end some time or another. And I speak from financial point of view more than anything, aside from the more obvious ideas like fatigue of employees and what have you.

Team Radiant, you guys did an amazing job on this game! The music is beyond a lot of games nowadays - it actually has character. Heck, the entire game has character! There’s still a lot missing, but I hope that modders can pick up where things left off. Annnd even better of a thought, I hope one day you guys come back and make a new game - you’ll definitely have my support!

All of these goodbyes and thank you’s aside though, because we’re not done just yet!

Just three things I’m wondering we can get before the game finishes. And keeping it simple -

Birds, portcullis (castle gate), wall destruction?

Honestly, even if the last two cannot be put in for whatever reason - please, oh, please - are we still going to get birds flying around the map during gameplay? Don’t know why, but it would really improve the atmosphere just that much more.

Thanks guys,


Portcullis is already in the game. I don’t think they’ll do birds, and they’ve confirmed no building (and therefore wall) destruction.

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We’re doing Eagles for ACE

maybe you could check fortify as it has some palisades(more like furniture)
but if you mean “building designer” type walls, i don’t think there will be