Footman stuck on last guard order in cave above ladder

There was an ore vein high up a cliff. I made a ladder up then started digging it out. A hearthling died to some spawned rock monsters. I put a party on defend mode inside the cave. I removed the defend command, nothing happened. Guard stuck starving in cave.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Dig a cave high up on wall, accessible by ladder.
  2. Put a party on guard. Guard starts starving
  3. Cancel guard action
  4. Try to do anything else, switch parties, cancel orders, etc. Guard stuck starving.

Expected Results:
Hearthling goes back to normal patrol

Actual Results:
Hearthling starving, immobile



Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

Hi David,

Welcome! :slightly_smiling:

Quick question: What version of the game were you playing when you ran into this problem?

It says .14 Rlease 524 x64 build. I just reinstalled yesterday. One thing that might be important that I didn’t mention, the guard had the starving bubble above their head BEFORE I released the defend command. Also, turning on “Defend the town!” Did not move him.

This should be fixed in the latest build; we have an issue where if you hit the cancel command twice in a row, you get into trouble. In the meantime, try saving/loading and see if that gets them unstuck?

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I actually changed their job to peasant and back, which fixed them. Then I kept playing, because this game is awesome and getting more awesome each time I come back to check on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I go check on a few other similar games to try and satisfy me, and they just aren’t as good (Gnomoria). Why is it so hard to dig a mine in that game? I can’t see anything!

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