Font township quest is not working

I placed the font however it is not working.

im going to ask something really stupid… is that the one of SUMMER? not one of the other 2?

Try clicking on Abandon, then you get the choice again of what Township type to go for and select the same one again. It might work.

i did it a lot of times A LOT

tried it with other fonts aswell T.T not working

I’m having the exact same issue - same quest, same bug. I’m also using the Elven race mod which from your screenshot I assume you are too, I’m wondering if that’s somehow linked? :frowning:

I noticed in a previous save that someone had posted, that the elven race mod had replaced the tier 2 hearth, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it replaced the font as well. If so, and they didn’t also change the quest to refer to the updated font’s alias, it would be looking for an item of a different alias and not finding what you have.


Most probably it, I warned the guy making it that copying NA and modifying stuff is not the best way to make a kingdom mod but… Yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Same issue for me as well & trying to force complete it through the campaign manager doesn’t work :confused:

Found the item it’s looking for: veloren_elves:decoration:shrine:hare - the mason recipe probably needs to be updated

This issue seems to still exist over a year later. sooo… what’s the fix? how does one spawn in veloren_elves:decoration:shrine:hare? or is it something else?

The Veloren Elves mod hasn’t been updated for a long time, but this issue is fixed if you also use another mod on the Steam workshop, called the Mod Repairer.
Link: Mod Repairer