Flowers giving me thread/fiber

I just noticed the snow violet was giving thread or fibre bundles before closing the game for bed. Is that supposed to happen? I thought it would give flowers for the herbalist to use.

It gives flowers :thinking:
I wonder if the hearthling just dropped there a fiber bundle he was carrying.

Let’s hope so! I have harvested a lot of them and there’s none in my inventory but I am swimming in 3 different fibre bundles ha ha ha

That’s spooky. Are you using any mods?

The only source of fiber in the arctic/tundra biome is the wintermoss, which looks like a pale tumbleweed :thinking: (sheep drop wool too, of course)

The violets and snow poppy drop flowers/herbs for the herbalist.

You know now it’s only giving me flowers instead which is great, it must have been something I did without realising.

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