First Impressions of Alpha 8

Usually, I’ve loved every update. I don’t just hate on things because they’re new. But for Alpha 8, I’m making an exception. First, I don’t like mining’s new location. The Mining and Landscaping menu had all sorts of potential for fancier mining and geomancing in the future. Now mining’s been demoted to a mere “harvest” tool. This decision scares me.

I don’t like the notifications taking up space on the main menu. I was happy with where it was.

I don’t see the reason to switch from numbering in three digits (110, 114 … 127 … 156 … 183, 186, 192) to four digits (2081). I’m sure there’s some reason, but what?

The town info banner icon is uncentered again, which I would be fine with, but the buttons on one side are bigger and the buttons on the other side are smaller, and dang it, my obsessiveness can’t take all the asymmetry!

I feel the party tool should be on the Fight and Defend menu.

Oh, and the game loading hates me.

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thats what i first thought when i saw that button.

got to this post, it has a workaround: post

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They did it in the past. It’s not something you should take into account. Look at the big title: it says Alpha 8, and that’s all. The dev builds have 4 digits but the normal releases have 3. These numbers are just there to distinguish between code reviews, to know exactly what was submitted for that review and what wasn’t, which helps with debugging.

Although I agree with you about the menu. If you have 10 buttons at least distribute them evenly… I don’t mind if the center banner it’s not centered anymore, as long as the purpose and grouping of the buttons is clear and I can click on them easily.


I prefer the notifications this new way, but I agree that moving mining into harvesting was potentially scary. I say potentially scary because if they think mining is as done as harvesting is, then there’s a problem. If, however, they only moved mining there because they thought “Hey, we don’t need to separate functions, each with only one button, let’s group them together”, then I’m not worried. I do think mining will still have the potential to be deeper and more significant in the future, but I don’t see a problem with grouping it with harvesting.