Fine windows don't get placed

building several houses with 7 fine windows in it, i haven’t got enough at the start. some get placed, but even after i make more fine windows others don’t get placed. build a new house, those get placed, those on the older houses don’t. try to fix by destroying the houses that don’t have enough windows, some destroy just fine, others trhrow an error and stay with buggen dust effect around it
Steps to reproduce:

  1. template with fine windows in it, place several times at once, don’t have enough windows in stock
  2. sometimes the fine windows don’t get placed afterwards
  3. destroy those that don’t get finished, some throw an error

Expected Results:
houses that et fine windows put in as those windows are made
Actual Results:
some windows never get placed

saves before and after the dust effect bug

Version Number and Mods in use:
3362 (x64)
System Information:
laptop, i7, gtx 860