Fertilizer for the farming

It would be cool to be able to make fertilizer for the farmers. This could be used to either increase food yield or at least let fallow recover faster. I think the cook (traditional fertilizer is just prepped/trash food) could make this. Though i remember seeing hints of a geomancer? so maybe something along the lines of fertilizer is already planned, but it would be neat either way.


No way, fertilizer are the evil! Why do you want to reproduce the bad things of the real world??
Another way to do what you want and in the same time it’s a quite pedagogic, is already what SR seems to have in mind with the fallow option in the crop’s choice. That’s what were doing elders and it work very well but of course that mean piece of land “unused” in the mind of our dear productivists so theoretically less $ in the pocket right away. Unfortunately we know now this politic is nonsense because it just kill the soil. Do you really want to kill our nice virtual soil? :smiling_imp:

So let’s hope we will go for a green attitude game! :seedling:

Why the cook ? Animals (and people) are doing it naturally at the end of their digestion …


I don’t think I want to manage stockpiles and crates full of … ‘fertilizer’


I think it would make perfect sense. I mean we’ve got sheep now just standing around. it doesn’t even have to be something you stockpile. every once in a while you get a little pile of sheep dung and a farmer goes over, picks it up and drops it on the patch of soil that’s most depleted.