Fences (New additions)

I have 2 ideas for Fences.

  1. Corners.

It would look nicer than having the random bits of wood sticking out from fences if we had corner fences we could craft aswell as " + " shapes ones too.

  1. Dragging to place fences

instead of the clicking, moving mouse, clicking, etc you could just drag where you want fences to go in a line. That would be much easier.


That’s why I use this workaround.

It won’t help with dragging to place fence part, but for fixed design, I just place the building template and ordered it built, and hearthlings will fetch and install the fence and gate pieces (after the slab parts are built).


i suggest you the endpieces mod :wink:


I never really thought of making templates, good idea. But still, only mods will let you use the corners and crossroads.

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Yeah, I want there to be better fences in the actual game.

Theres another post similar to this one (“Treat fences like walls”), but I say it would be better to have fences their very own category.

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