Feedback on Combat

Stylish killing it is.


Anyone else have the bug where the footman’s sword disapear sometimes?


Got bored. Did something cool.

Froggy’s Dirty Combat Hack.

I have successfully hacked the game so that when it starts you have an additional worker who brings with him an iron sword. I also added some Iron armour and an advanced combat buff to deal with those pesky goblins!

New items in the stockpile!


Soldier coming through

Aren’t I dashing? Why yes, I think so too!

Bring it!


Yes, now that you mention it…

Still has it at 17:50; gone at 18:40 after eating and a save/load (so those are two possible causes I guess).

I probably should make a proper bug report out of this. Unless you want to, @Didis?

You have a video where we can see the bug happen so I think you should make the bug report =P

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Okay, but feel free to chip in as well. Here it is.

Okay I will do it but there isn’t more information I can give =P

The Radiant Team has a lot of bugs to squash but some are minors like this one.

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Sure, although if the sword is actually gone and it affects the footman’s combat abilities, it’s not as minor a bug as many of the others I’ve reported. Anyway, it’s good I think to just report everything, and then the team can decide which ones to give priority to. Also, even if you can’t give more information, you can confirm the issue :slight_smile:

Yes I can =P I’m playing Stonehearth and I’m taking picture of every bug I see and there is old bug that recome=P

man i would love to have iron stuff!

Here it is in action. At 2.11 the game decides to troll me… (Shadowplay does not give the game music justice)

If anyone would like to give it a go, just give me a shout and I’ll send you a link. Just remember, it’s a hack, not a mod, which is why I’m not releasing it as a mod.


I dont have the issue either.

get a trapper right away, trappers also fight better then normal colonists

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any one know how i can up the spawn for goblins?

Are you sure you want this?

Brave, brave fools:

They fought valiantly but alas, the enemy were too many!

Need to up the damage output! Version 4 it is!


That’s a good bit of green dudes lol

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At least they lasted a little while!


Too little combat, too little control.

We need the ability to expand populations at a rate that can support having more regular troops, but those are more general problems that need to be addressed.

Having the troops be on autopilot is boring, especially when they don’t have a vigilant patrol style or large aggro distance. I think implementing a micro system for combat, even if it’s just limited to squads would be the way to go, I couldn’t see trusting the AI with orchestrating a siege for example, on their own. It would be game breakingly frustrating for the AI to be given the equivalent of an attack+move any time we wanted to do anything with them, and them messing it up would totally kill my boner.

Archers might fix the early problem of having footman be the town guards when they get implemented. Might be better to have some way of building small watch towers where archers could climb up from a ladder and act as a sentry. Maybe even have a special class of archer that focusses primarily on being a defensive or siege archer (long range, slow movement, low armour, etc)


Micro goes against the grain of how the game is designed. There should be a little more control, but never so much that the game turns into a standard RTS war game. Guard patrol paths defense zones and other things like that are great. But if it gets to the point to where I’m drag selecting squads and right clicking to attack. … Then I think we’ve gone way too far.


Too early in the development cycle.

It’s trite, but true: it mustn’t be forgotten that when all’s said and done, we’re still playing an alpha version. There will absolutely be much better control over combat units in the fullness of time, at the appropriate juncture, at the correct alignment of the planets and… well, you get the picture I’m sure :wink: . Just got to be patient until then.