Feedback about the new seeds (A24)

@CrazyCandy is right.

I also ran into a problem with the seeds while playing so lemme discuss that. The seeds expire now what is good in terms of emptying the inventory but the problem is if we do not decide to plant the seeds of non-crop plants early enough we may lose them forever because there’s not really an option to replant them after the seeds are gone. As long as there is an option to craft seeds from crop plant there is no problem but in other cases this is risky.

I actually thought about an option to craft seed crates like resource piles so the seeds can be harvested later from them. Would solve the disappearing seeds problem and free up inventory space.

For an unstable build uA24r789 is surprisingly stable. There are some slowdowns when Lings begin restocking stuff which were not in A23, except that I haven’t noticed anything unusual.


Yeah with all the added bins, a seed crate sounds fantastic both for practicality purposes and for aesthetics/organization.



Or maybe seeds in a basket?


This would not work like the new containers because a container doesn’t technically empty inventory space. Piles do because one pile recipe consumes many resource pieces what reduces object count.

As far as I know seeds in huge quantities are usually kept in linen bags and they could look nice.


The linen bags then could have various models which would change depending on how full it is. Eg. when empty, it would be just a flat thing on the floor, and would get fatter and rise higher as hearthlings put more seeds in it.

But this implies it works like a container and it was clearly stated that the seeds disappear after time to empty inventory space. The seeds wouldn’t have to decay if it wasn’t an issue.

Perhaps a mechanism could be involved which stops seed decay while preserved in special containers.

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Doesn’t food stop or slow decay quite a bit when in containers already? I imagine they could use the same sort of idea here.

Ah! I kinda derped out there earlier. I didn’t realize the linen bags you suggested would function as “piles” rather than containers. It could work, yes.

Though, I think an alternative approach to the problem is feasible as well.

The thing with seeds decaying becomes a problem when it comes to plants which don’t regrow on their own. Trees.

What if tree seeds did not decay at all, while regrowing plant seeds would continue to do so?

Trees are the ones that are limited here, and thus gaining their seeds becomes crucial, and forgetting about having them could be fatal. Whereas with regrowing plants, if we forget about the seeds, we could just harvest the same plants again.


I’m gonna cheat and suggest a version that is not currently in the game but that I think makes the most sense.
This is not just for seeds but for flowers and any other small thing that really shouldn’t take up it’s own inventory slot.
Instead of building a separate container or pile for seeds they are automatically summed up for each stockpile, container or backpack where there are any seeds and just displayed as a single bag per type of seed. So instead of putting a seed in it’s own slot they put it in the same bag as the seeds that are already in that stockpile. If they go to plant seeds then they only take as many as they need. If they are to move all seeds to a different stockpile then one hearthling can take the whole bag.
Like @CrazyCandy wrote, the bag can change shape depending on how full it is and if you click on it you see the exact number. In menus like the trader’s menu you see one bag or one seed (not sure which is the best) and the number next to it is the total number of seeds.
This way inventory space wouldn’t be a problem and seeds wouldn’t have to decay.


Oooh, so a single object with a number of doses? This could actually come handy for more things.


I am one day at college and an entire conversation comes and goes.

Ah man, I thought I finally had a good nuanced point about the meta-discussion. You are right though, so I will oblige.

Basically, like gold coins work. Great idea @Agon. :smiley:


Ah! Yeah, you’re right. I forgot about those. Though seed bags would require a bit more hearthling interaction. … Hm… Doesn’t cooked food have more than one serving, or am I imagining things?


I’m pretty sure food has multiple serves, so the general system could already be in place.


I believe the food also works by the same system. The system in particular is the concept of stacks: where 1 iconic can represent up to a certain number items. For coins, its a 1000, for foods, its like 4 or 5, somewhere in that ballpark.

Edit: you can look it up in the .json
.Json evidence reveals that at least some foods (omelette) work by the same system.


seed bag?



I’m wondering whether or not is tulip cactus and prickly pear cactus one some plant in real life. Is The pear the fruit of those tulips? :thinking:

Prickly pear cacti (Opuntia ficus-indica) are 100% real, I do not find their fruit very tasty though. They require proper preparation before eating, I remember my mum had to remove spikes from my father’s tongue on their first trip to Italy because he decided to eat one raw picked straight from the cactus… The lesson is: never ever bite into a raw piece of cactus.

Tulip cacti are not a specific species I think, but all cacti are flowering plants and many have tulip-like flower so they are also real.

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I love how alive the dessert is now! It’s even possible to use the weaver from the beginning since it’s so easy to reproduce silkweed!

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I like that idea too. A craftable basket for each seed in the same fashion as a pile of wood. Perfect solution. Good idea.


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