Seeds and seed planting

The game farming should depend on seeds and quality of them, as the embark option will include the hability to select what to bring it would be great if you needed actual seeds to plant your crops, you can rely on your hunter and harvest food from the wild plants at least untill you can get yourself some crop seeds,

the seeds should have also different tiers and they provide results depending of it. for instance a
D quality seed would provide a normal quality amount of crop and have a chance to not provide any meanwhile an A quality crop should provide a larger crop and no chance of provide none or suffer illnesses.

seeds could be obtainable from the biome harvesting wild plants and drying them
this introduces a new feature for the farmer, the farmer workshop, which is a table used to dry plants and produce other objects used in the farm field as mix fertilizer or prepare poison to destroy plagues from the plants.

also crop quality will affect food quality, better food quality will have an effect on how earthlings work, been better making them work faster, live longer, to the impossible, see the invisible ROW ROW fight da powaah!..


But wouldn’t a hunter be a person who hunts down animals?
I think what your referring to is a higher ability of a farmer.

Or maybe another form above the Farmer?
but i do like the plant idea, at least for trees because im now traveling 10"ish minutes to find wood xD

I am actually quite glad the seed feature of DF didn’t follow into stonehearth. I dislike the concept that a farmer has no value until you trade. I like that by default you can access plants to farm, however, a compromise could be giving each faction default access to certain plants only.


well i think its funny how they are pulling carrots out of their ass xD

Although you idea sounds nice, I would already be happy if they implemented seeds.
Unlimited invisible farming is not really interesting at all.


I didnt mean the hunter harvesting from wild plants, I ment the hunters getting food as well as your other workers harvesting food from wild plants, also the idea of the seeds from DF botters me because you only have seeds until you trade them or bring them with you, also its part of a well planed embark. thats why I think would be great if you could obtain seeds from wild plants as you collect food from the enviroment. then you can start a farm.



Your idea is interesting, but perhaps it would be better if simply the quality went up. Farmers start off with the low grade seeds automatically, and after they reach a certain level, they can upgrade to be botanists, who can upgrade regular crops to become better ones, slowly replacing the inferior seeds, but if a devastating attack happens at one point and your botanist dies, you’ll still have the X grade seeds she made, though you’ll need to get a new botanist before the seeds can be upgraded further.

I think the upgrade of the seeds shouldnt be related to the farmer or botanist, but instead of the times the seed has rotated, for instance a bag of seed no the seed itself would upgrade a single bag allowing the farmer to plant 16 crops.

so whenever you are are harvesting you have a chance to obtain better quality seeds, just as happens in real life, your plant’s quality improves depending on how many times you harvest and re plant the seed as it adapts better to the enviroment.

so if you lose your botanist/farmer you wouldn’t have to start all over again or wait till he reachers the ideal level, I think the level of the worker would have influence on how fast plants grow or increase the chance of obtaining better quality seeds.

so you could trade your seeds to merchants to obtain better quality seeds also or trade yours for other things.

It could be a mix. Such as there’s a random chance that a crop will become better when planted. When you make the botanist, which is simply a placeholder for now as I’m unsure if TR will add a botanist or if they have a similar class in mind, she can either increase that chance or simply make the seed herself through some special botany stuff. It could even be where crops naturally have a chance to give a random buff due to a random mutation, but the botanist is unable to make that happen all the time, all she can do is make the crops give a better yield/survive harsh climate, etc.

maybe an upgrade system for instance, like a research like activity, the botanist will do research to increase the life span of plants and wather resistance, develop better tools to work the fields and increase the overall performance of the farmers, also increase the chances for better seeds.

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I was thinking on how to makee seeds easier to be identified by quality instead of micromanaging them from an inventory window.
therefore you would harvest plants and set the job of extracting seeds followed that, you should be get a bag of seeds of a certain quality.
fro left to right it would be:
C - normal seeds,
B - better seeds, have chance of produce more food and seeds
A - improved seeds. will produce large crops and chance of giving exceptional seeds
S - exceptional seeds, will produce large crops, resist diseases and produce tier A or S seeds.
each bag would be used to plant from 12 to 16 squares.