Fatal Error, game closes upon loading at 95%

So, with my current save I’m using also within my StoneHearth series on YT, I currently am unable to load the save at any point or way. I am not sure why or how this is happening, and I am hoping that you guys can help me figure out the issue here.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download save
  2. Download mods used
  3. Load save

Expected Results:
Game loads perfectly fine!

Actual Results:
Game closes!

StoneHearth.log stonehearth.log (53.9 KB)

Save file: Havarti.rar

Version Number and Mods in use:
Many mods, but the only ones that changed with this save are LostEms, and ACE.

Just to add more context for anyone from Radiant who might read this, it appears related to entity/manifest changes in the LostEms mod in the latest version for save files that were working in the previous version. So something about loading such a save game with certain resources changed or missing in a mod can cause this hard crash.

This is the latest version of the save working in the previous version

I went through it a bit, and I think @DaniAngione probably wants to take a look at it.
I disabled both LostEms and ACE for the save, and it loads.
Then I disabled only ACE and enabled LostEms, and it works.
At this time, I saved the game again, giving me a save without ACE, but when I try to load this again with the new version of ACE enabled, the game shits itself, so I think the problem lies with either ACE, or ACE with LostEms (possibly)

I’ll take a look soon :slight_smile: