Farmers Don't Collect Brightbell Flowers!?

Basically, I have been trying to boost my herbalist’s level by making health potions. Lately I haven’t been able to make any potions, because of lack of resources. Also, to make tier 2 house templates you need brightbell to make planters. My farm has 8 farmers in it and the Frostsnap next to it has gone through many cycles of harvesting and re-planting but the brightbell wont harvest.

I expect the farmers to harvest the brightbell, but they don’t.

Release-735 (x64)

Is it just me or does the corn look half dead? That to me would suggest the farmers have more work then they can carry out or they spend to much time traveling and stuff. If your food resource supply is high enough you could try and remove some of the field just to see if the farmers will go to the remaining fields correctly. If not it could just be a pathfinding error.
Perhaps uploading the game file so the devs kan have a look?

I figured it out, for some reason the farmers wouldn’t collect anything to the left side, becuase of the wall. I shifted everything over and now everything is being collected.

@danny54321 could you upload the savefile anyway?

could you explain how?

Bless Discourse for the canned replies :sweat_smile:

  1. Find the save folder for the saves you wish to upload. By default, they are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games (assuming a default Steam install).
  2. Zip the folder.
  3. Right click the folder (should be a long set of numbers).
  4. Left click on Send to in the menu that appears.
  5. Left click on `Compressed (Zipped) folder).
  6. (Optional) Rename the folder to something different than the default set of numbers.
  7. Upload the save.
  8. If the zip is less than 10 MB, you can upload it directly. Either use the upload button or drag and drop it into the compose window,
  9. If larger than 10 MB, upload it to a cloud storage site like Dropbox, Google Drive, File Dropper, etc. and post the sharing link here.

it’s saying new users cant add attachments

here’s the dropbox link

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: