(Factions) A way to Improve your Heartlings Skills ! (Quite long, beware)

So i’ve come up with the idea that you know, you can choose your hearthling since the last Update and all, but still, something is missing, as for me , I think there should be a way to improve the skills of your people, because when you begin with some who only got a 1/1/1, and your new arrivals got mostly the same carateristics, i’ts quite frustrating. Thus, why not implement a way to improve those lil lads ? And of course, the way the learning places looks, could depend on the faction you have choosen.

Three differents buildings could be created :

  • For the Spirit : Religious buildings
  1. Firstly, the Ascendancy Faction. Why a church ? Well, it appears that they have more or less the same background as a basic european, so it seemed like an evidence

  1. Then, Raya’s Children. By the look of their clothes, I thought that they could be from Eastern country, with a lot of asiatic influences, so yeah, a mix between a Shaolin temple and old traditionnal japanese construction

  1. Finally, the Northmen Alliance : Because of the Chritiannisation that occured in year ~1100, old pangan sites were replaced by wooden churches (See below), thus, making the dolmen, which were the celtics ceremonies places, the representation of this faction, is for me, a good idea, since it is an Alliance, so not only one and same people

That conclude the Spiritual part of this post !

  • Now, theTraining Grounds, to boost up the muscles of our dear hearthlings !
  1. For the Ascendancy, well I took one cliché. A ranged training on the left, and dummies on the right ( Yeah, I know this is quite ugly, but I’m not one of the bestest pixel artist out here ! ). Giving the result below :

  1. Concerning the Raya’s Children, same inspiration. East’n’stuff. On the left, some arms training, dunno the name of this, but take a look at the pic below, might help you better. On the right, the “turning sticks”, as for in Kung Fu Panda. ( The gif will explain it better … :’( ), and the grey place is like a fighting pit, maybe with some ol’ fashioned staffs.

  1. Now, the Northmen ! Because of the popular belief, that Northmen mostly are barbaric idiots, well I decided to place only fighting pits, with brawl, shields’n’swords. And why not some horned helmets !

  • About the Mentality, well, it’s quite conflictual. Indeed, I thought about something like a school but vikings in school is strange, so don"t get along very well. So if you have any suggestions, I am willing to see them, like really ! Do not restrain yourself !

Now that the graphics are done, let’s talk about the way it could work. Each building would need a “master”, a professional Heartling that stay inside to teach his fellas. So, those can be considered as late age building, since it took 3 heartlings if you want to fully exploit it !

  • The Spiritual :
  1. The Ascendancy : Well, a Cleric ? With robes and all ?
  2. Raya’s Children : A monk, shaved, or not, with red clothes, to match the building
  3. Northmen : Druid, with long beard, maybe a rabbit pet, and a long staff ( Mostly a magician … XD)
  • The Training Grounds :
  1. The Ascendancy : A sergent Instructor ! With a leather beanie ! And a leather shirt ! And leather pants ! Full of leather in fact :camel:
  2. Raya’s Children : Well, a Monk again obviously, since they are taking care of that kind of stuff too. But maybe some black stripes here and there, and a scare ?
  3. Northmen : With a shield, and a horned helmet ! Yay ! And a big, veryyyyyyy big sword :wink: :wink: :wink:
  • Mentality Evolved :
    Well, same as before, no idea about this one, so yeah, share your thoughts !

About the mechanics, well, it can go like that :
One day scale, the “>” mean “to”
1 > 2 : Take one day ( Thus 1 complete point )
2 > 3 : Take two days ( Thus 0.5 point )
3 > 4 : Take four days ( Thus 0.25 point )
4 > 5 : Take eight days ( Thus 0.12 point )
5 > 6 : Take twelve days ) ( Thus ~ 0.08 point )

Aaaaaaaand, that’s it. So I do hope that you will have the guts to read it all,and give feedback. You can use it freely, and improve it, like if you want to make mods or anything. I think that is quite a nice feature to add, maybe it was planned but hey ! I ain’t no gonna complain 'bout it. I used MagicVoxel to make the pixels stuff, and sorry if it’s not really beautiful, and if I made mistakes, since english is not my native language. Anyway, have a nice day/afternoon/night, and build good ! Build great !

(It’s mostly a rewind of DontCallMeSurly, but I did not see it before I wrote this very sentence. My bad )