Faction Reputation

I have been playing this game for a while now. Well, I actually bought it on Humble Bundle in like Alpha 7 or something, and than wasn’t able to update the game without paying for the game. Afterwards I bought it on Steam, but my pc couldnt handle the game. Now I have a beast pc and I bought this game again, and I have been having an amazing time. But I am getting sick and tired of massacring unarmed goblins just so I can destroy there camp and prevent Goblin Thieves and Armed Goblins from stealing. I suggest that the game has a reputation system added.

Goblins: Within a few days after the first goblin camp is setup a Goblin approaches your town. Not physically, but like a merchant does. They demand tribute based off of what craftsman you have and what level they are (to prevent them from demanding something you are not capable of obtaining yet). Within a few days the Goblin returns if you have the items they requested than you can choose to give them tribute or not. If you give them tribute, your reputation with them will increase. If you do not give them tribute, your reputation with them will decrease. If you simply do not have the requested item, than reputation will decrease. This process will continue until your reputation gets to a certain level. If your reputation increases to a certain level, than they will stop asking for tribute and instead Goblin Merchants will occasionally visit your town. The only way to make them angry now is to attack, steal, or build to close to their camp(s).
If your reputation drops to a certain level than the Goblins will start sending thieves. If you let them steal for a while, than your reputation will slowly increase. If you dont let them steal, than they start sending Armed Goblins and Goblin Wolves, at this point there is no way to increase your reputation.

The Undead (or the Black Cord): The Black Cord will simply ignore you unless you do the following: You attack the Giant Zombie or attack a Crypt. When this happens the Black Cord will attack like they do already in the game. I’m not sure how you could repair your reputation with them, but maybe there could be a place in the Crypt area where a Hearthling can sacrafice valuable objects to the Necromancer.

Nature Spirits (Entlings, Stonelings, Little Stone Golems, and Stone Golems): I know in the game if you chop down a whole bunch of trees they start attacking, but there is no way to get them to stop. I think you should start losing reputation with them if you start chopping down trees to quickly. You can increase your reputation by seizing to chop down trees for a while, or creating a tree farm. Maybe if you make them angry enough the Ent will attack, when it is implemented.

Wild Animals (Feral Wolves, Giant Wolves, and Varanus): Wild animals spawn in forested areas and only attack if Hearthlings come near them. But deforesting the world wont prevent them from spawning, without trees they will become confused, scared, and attack your town.

I’m not sure about the rest of the Red Kiln, simply because I have not gotten into that part of the game yet. But I’m sure it could function similarly to my idea about the Goblins.

Fornjotr has come up with the wonderful idea of Goblins having unique items, further encouraging the player to either raid or trade with them.

SirAstrix has had the idea of donating tombstones to the Black Cord, which I assume the Mason would create. This would increase your reputation with them.I think it would also be cool if there was an Urn at the Crypt to put coins and rare metals in. He also had the idea that if you befriended the Black Cord you could occasionally request to have a dead hearthling revived.Obviously this would lead to everybody wanting to befriend them, meaning the Black Cord should have really good loot, especially the giant zombie.


I love this idea! I would be friends with the goblins if i could and trading goblin merchandise would be so fun! And it makes so much more sense than the goblin chief suddenly just have to go if you dont defeat them… :merry:


Tombstones. “Donate” them to the Black Cord to gain reputation, and once you maxed it out, you can take reputation hits (like points) and sometimes have them resurrect your hearthlings that have died.


A fix for that, possibly even what SirAstrix meant, is to ‘donate’ tombstones; eg. your fallen comrades. This might give your hearthlings a mood penalty and/or simply make it too expensive for it to be viable in every game. I furthermore think that a resurrection should be as little as one hearthling, just to avoid making the benefit too enticing. Alternatively, they could be brought back as undead, which would make other hearthlings uncomfortable around them and/or mean the resurrected hearthlings have lower stats (and perhaps other limitation).

EDIT: We could even go so far as to have a choice. You either resurrect one completely, giving you a major hit with the undead faction, or you resurrect multiple as undead under your command, which technically penalizes your own hearthlings, but may even give a boost to the undead faction’s reputiation score.