Facial animation still planned?

Is facial animation still a planned feature? As showed in the one of the very first twitch streams.

I for one would love to see it in the game. Gives a lot of character to the hearthlings.

twitch stream:


hmm… Throwback Tuesday? doesn’t really roll off the tongue…

but wow! forgot all about this! :smile: :+1:


HAH yea me too, untill they started talking about cinematic moments again in another thread. But the good thing is, the internet does not forget. :smile:


I hope they do this I have been trying to do it in Blender but I am not very good at it!

Not sure how it could be achieved nor if it’s worth it. The current animation system can’t do it - or at least, they haven’t used it yet.

The style there would not really fit, because everything (per current design) is kind of blocky. There’s no fine lines or even anything remotely round/diagonal (except for animated bodyparts, for obvious reasons). A lot of the game design has changed, many of the earlier ideas have been wrapped up in some sort of greater game design.

The whole “Place polygons on models” thing would probably break the style, or at least, could be abused to break the style. Not to mention that it would be horribly complicated to maintain.


The style is still blocky. Eyes and eyebrows are blocky. And they only move when animated. They already have the tech he said.

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We’ve had a cute Hearthling with ^ ^ caret eyes in Desktop Tuesday videos forever.

Style concerns noted, but rejected out of cuteness.

Mouths on Hearthlings, though? Blasphemy!


my thoughts exactly…

what about…Throwback Thursday?

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