Eye Dropper Tool

So I was adding on to one of my buildings using the slab tool, and I wanted to extend a part of the house. But I had no idea what type of slab I used. I am suggesting that they should add an eyedropper tool for the slab tool or just the ability to hover over a specific slab in a build and it to tell you what it is. It would be a huge timesaver, and just overall improve the quality of Stonehearth. I don’t really see it being to much work to implement anyway.


Would love an eye dropper tool also and a paint bucket to repaint all with same color to a new one and singel block painting :slight_smile:

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There is sort of a paint bucket already – if you select a section of the building you can change its block colour by selecting a different colour from the panel building. Be warned, this can accidentally “merge” two areas if you try to switch colours to one which has been used adjacently while you have one area still selected. I’ve messed up more alternating patterns this way that I can (or want to) remember hahaha!

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Happened to many times to me to :smiley: so frustrating when the Revert Tool is bugged which it’s 99% of the time almost :smiley: