Extend roof modification limits

Right now roofs available with roof tool have a maximum overhang setting and maximum angle. Their maximum angle is capped by 45 degrees. Not sure about the overhang but I’ve hitted the limit before, too.
Can it be increased? I want to make high roofs but don’t want using slabs. In my understanding, it is quite easily achieved by code modification.

sorry for my confusion, but by high roofs do you mean something like this,

or something else…?

Exactly. Is it available in the latest build? I don’t have it yet.

PS. On a completely unrelated note, after tinkering with lanterns I wonder if there ever will be transparent blocks.

nope, that’s actually just a quick voxel model i made awhile back when there was a small discussion about that style of roof.

though TR didn’t confirm it, we did talk about the fact that since Rayya’s children got their “own” style of roof, The Northmen’s Alliance also might get there own roof style similar to that…

there’s definitely a want for them, and i believe there are plans for them, but i could be wrong…