Expanding the Fog of War

Hey guys,

I searched for this topic and it wasn’t here yet.
Are we already capable of expanding our fog of war?
I tried with lamps and stone braziers, but nothing yet.

play the game at normal speed

This didn’t work.
A re-install after the A8 update did work tho :open_mouth: haven’t tried it on sped up mode but… fow was expanding.

This bug has been around for a long time, but we finally found it today! The fog of war can stop expanding when you switch to the faster game speed. Normal speed works fine, but toggling to the faster speed will randomly stop the updates. (However, you can toggle back to normal and then to fast again to try to jiggle it on again.) The bug also affects other parts of the game, so definitely try to jiggle it on if you’re playing on fast.

This has already fixed internally and will be part of the next patch.


Great news! Top job you guys!

When you’re villagers walk there, it’s supposed to dissapear. A bug causes that not to happen.