[Con] Fog of war bug at map edge

Stonehearth r114 BTW.

As the picture above shows, the fog of war doesn’t like being pushed back at the edge of maps. Haven’t had it happen elsewhere.

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Seems like the fog of war is also not affected by “discoveries” done by the footman:

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Hi I have found a fix for this bug.

i have made a separate topic on this but i shall also leave it here because its an easy fix.

the bug only happends when you play in fast forward mode.

play the game in normal speed and the fog should be pushed back.

so if it happends click normal speed and it will look like it never happend

Hi all, I checked around and i saw the fog of war bug has been reported. but there is an easy fix.
In my case the bug happend if you play the game in fast foward mode.

switch to normal game speed and the fog will be pushed back

I couldnt find if this fix was already posted so if there is im sorry.

hi @Oldra … which report are you referring to?

or another, perhaps?

I am referring to the second one, named: “Fog of war bug at map edge”.

you can even see on his screenshot. he is playing in fast forward.

I shall leave a reply, with the fix in that bug report. the bug is still present in build 129, I forgot to mention


So i came near the edge of the map…and i must admit this thing has been there for ages.
i dont recall if the map was generated with it…and the problem might be gone ? since i did start this game like 10 months ago…But not in 2014 :stuck_out_tongue:

But again this save still give a start up error…and i get no daily updates…so lots of broken stuff overall.
But there you have it.