An immediate crash to the desktop.
I opened the potter’s workshop and clicked to que more bricks.

Stonehearth.log:stonehearth.log (562.5 KB)

Attachments:crash.dmp (287.4 KB)

Versions and Mods: r-843; better stockpiles

System Information: Win 7; i5-2450M CPU @ 2,50 GHz; RAM 6GB; NVIDIA GT 630M 2GB VRAM

20 hearthlings, I already had multiple engine errors, construction of a huge structure is in progress.

I think my game is allergic to bricks :\

Crash is broken again:crash.dmp (358.6 KB)

Log:stonehearth.log (111.7 KB)

looks to me like your computer is drowning in the work XD @ the log, then again im just a random nobody :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know (lol?) I might need to restart, I can’t even start the game now. The menu lags like crazy and won’t load the game. According to my meters though (CPU, RAM) everything’s fine. It’s not even heating up too much.

Probably the first? Core is completely 100% though, this game only Basicly uses one for all the heavy lifting :’)