Ethereal Storage

Tired of items gathering dust while your hearthlings are too busy doing their jobs and living their busy lives to restock all the mad loot that’s dropping? Want to avoid the mess of stockpiles without having to craft and build huge warehouses? Can’t stand the game telling you that you have too many items? Ethereal Storage is here!

Every normal chest/crate/urn (that isn’t explicitly an “input” or “output” storage) is automatically transformed into an Ethereal Storage, a nearly unlimited extra-dimensional storage in the Ether through which all Ethereal Storages are connected! Treat these chests as mere access points to the limitless void! And every item your hearthlings drop on the ground will automatically be transported to the Ether!

This mod requires ACE (v0.9.5.7f or later).

Steam: Steam Workshop::Ethereal Storage
Current SMOD: (30.8 KB)


It’s out!

@Banto here’s a mod that might satisfy all your hoarding desires! :jubilant:

Probably worth a test in the next stream town, yes? :merry:

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Oh neat :smiley: why not

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Is this compatible with existing saves?
Is it possible to make a version with new ether end points while keeping the normal storage or be able to set a storage as an end point?

I’m not @paulthegreat but I think I can help you with these :merry:
Yes, it should be compatible with existing saves
Yes, it is possible, but I personally don’t think it would make sense. Why would anyone want normal storage if they can have infinite storage accessible from any point?
Paul can probably develop this further, but I don’t see any reason for that (personally)

In what sense did it stop? Is stuff still being placed into the compost bin? Does the stuff just stay there and never transform, or does it disappear?
Do you have Dani’s Core Mod active?

How does the Ethereal Storage interact with stored objects that last longer/don’t transform to rotten when stored in cold containers?

Cold storage is “input” storage and doesn’t get replaced with an ES access point.