Error message importance

I kinda get the impression most error messages don’t really matter, and amount to some entity not letting go of resources. At least, that’s what I get most of the time.

What if the error message is colored red? Is that a more important error message? Are those the sort of messages I should be reporting?

All the errors that pop up have a red border, I think :thinking:
Do you have an example?

There are UI errors, in which you will see a trace listing .js files, which can be fixed by reloading the UI with F5; and other type of errors (Lua or C++), which can’t.

All errors are relevant, even if some of them might not have affected gameplay. There are many that are known and are already reported in the forum and filed in our task list, but having confirmation from users that they’re still happening is a reminder that we still have to fix them.

So feel free to report any errors and any other game behavior you think is incorrect :slightly_smiling_face:
We can merge the reports if they’ve already been reported before.

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