Error deleting built building (preset schematic)

Error deleting built building (preset schematic)

I don’t know what consequences the error brings, but I will upload the log in screenshots:

In spite of an error, the citizens proceeded demolition with (probably?) an unrelated bug:

Possibly the true consequence of the error; the people stopped the deletion:

Some specs:
GPU: R9 280X 3GB
Memory: 8 GB RAM
OS: Windows 7
CPU: i5-4690K 3.5 GHz
Mo-Bo: Asus Z97-A

EDIT: Spoiler did not work as I expected; how does one hide images and the like behind a button on these forums?

Building issues are known, don’t worry :grinning:

Hey there @Sheepwall, unfortunately, I don’t believe Discourse supports collapsed content in the way you are looking. As you have likely seen based on the lack of page buttons, they are all about scrolling!

Edit: It seems Discourse is now shipping a plugin that should allow you to do what you are looking for. Just testing below:

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That was accomplished with the following code:

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