Error while designing a custom building [Alpha8 newest]

Hey there,
today i discovered a strange bug.

Error message while designing a custom building

While creating a new building I received this error message

My whole floor disappeared and i could not edit the ground where my floor was previously until i reloaded the savegame.

Steps to reproduce:
Ok, I try my best. I was constructing my floor. I used the wooden floor marked in the screenshot and the stone (i think the blue one is stone?!) floor together. I wanted to extend the house and i placed the stone floor. After picking the wooden one again and clicking right next to the stone floor i just placed everything vanished and i got this error message.

Expected Results:
An other screenshot

after i tried to rebuild it. The tile in the red circle was the one i placed right before the error occurred.

Actual Results:
You can see it in the first screenshot.

I could not reproduce the error myself yet, but i’ll keep you up to date if it appears again.
And i have no clue how to post screenshots here so i hope that screenshots via are ok as well.

Versions and Mods:
The latest Alpha 8 build of Steam (30th Jan 2015)

System Information:
Win8 (64-bit), 16GB RAM, NVidia Geforce 780Ti, Intel i7-4820k

i believe @SteveAdamo is able to embed them for you.

I know one way to reproduce this error.

Make a floor. but do not build. save game and reload that game, now try and add another floor, by extending it. it will cause this error.

hey there @Dudrie… welcome aboard! :smile:

done and done!

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I have gotten a similar bug when I try to raise walls on a slab sunk level to the walls of a lower building. The walls are not raised. It says “Assertion failed” many times, and then the Save / Remove / Build / etc. buttons at the bottom of the building dialog. The building tool seems to permanently broken after this; I cannot remove or edit the slab building I have made, nor can I make new custom buildings.

Will upload a gif later when I get a chance.

Only way to fix that @coasterspaul. is to save and reload, then go to the building that bugged, and remove it then.

Tip: you can copy and paste a picture when you create a reply and it will automatically embed. no need for uploading or linking.