Error adding an archer to the second flagteam


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Archer already in a team.
  2. Open the second teamflag, add the archer to the group
  3. bunch of erros and the first hearthlings team froze.

Expected Results:
The archer added to the second team like normal swordsmen

Actual Results:
first time: errors and the first hearthlings team froze when archer was added to the second team.
second time: reloaded the save, errors when hearthling archer is added to the second team. first hearthlings team froze.

20 errors listed in the below txt.
bunchoferrors.txt (17.1 KB)
I will start a new save. to see if the same error will occure. because this is actually a older save version.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest build version via steam. release 572 x64

System Information:
Intel I7 6700 4 GHz
32GB of Memory
geforce 770 GTX

I can confirm this, BUT I only experience it when moving an archer from a team of Footmen. Gives errors related to their formation.

I couldn’t reproduce this. Does the save game you have still do it?

It seems to be related. I have autosave were everyone from both teams are walking and acting again.

  • I have reloaded my other save. And i have tested to add the archer only into the second group. no freeze of the first group. when i add a swordmen, then the firstteam froze.

I also noticed, that both groups are following eachother, not sure why, i think when you have a knight added to the group both groups will follow the knight. When i moved the knight to the second group, group one is following group 2.

See attachment and same reply in

As there is a new release, I will begin a new again. lets see if the bug will happen again.

Can confirm, and have had similar problems when adding and dropping footmen from flagteam.

I made quite a few changes to make the formation and patrolling code a lot more robust. This should hopefully resolve the problem in the next patch. Thanks for the report!

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