Equipping helmet

I am trying to let my Knight Heartling to wear his helmet only when he is in battle or patrol.
I added the postures command from weapon .json in the silver mail .json file but it doesn’t work. Any help is much appreciated.

“stonehearth:entity_forms”: {
“iconic_form”: “file(silver_helmet_iconic.json)”
“stonehearth:equipment_piece”: {
“slot”: “helmet”,
“render_type”: “merge_with_model”,
postures”: [
“ilevel”: 6,
“roles”: “plate_wearer”,
“required_job_level”: 3,
“equip_effect”: “stonehearth:effects:weapon_level_up”

What happens if you change the “render_type”: “merge_with_model”, to “render_type”: “attach_to_bone”, like it is in the swords?

I am afraid it doesn’t work either. I wonder if it is coded by a higher level .json file.
(Tested with many saves. I am using the lasted Alpha 23 Test)

Oh, another thing to consider, is that a few things in json do not update. So you probably need to spawn a new knight class to test this, I guess.

You meant like: making a whole new job based on knight class?
Or promoting another character to knight?

Promoting a new character. Maybe even demoting and promoting the same one should work too.
The game usually saves the json of objects that is why changing the json does not update the game. There is a few things that re read the json files and catch updates, but most will not.

Demoting and promoting same one doesn’t work.
My heartling now wears the silver helmet even after demoting to worker (when promoting to warrior, he still wears that silver helmet model from knight, both helmet merge together :scream: ) when I change the: [ “render_type”: “merge_with_model”, to “render_type”: “attach_to_bone” ]

Helmet is nice but wearing it all the time is a bit ridiculous :laughing: