Enginner wont level up

I found some issues with xp and leveling crafters. I took my level 6 blacksmith and promoted her to a mechanic when and proceeded to level her up about half way through her leveling up from apprentice I ran out of ingots to turn into gears at 1100xp approx. Since I didn’t have another blacksmith I turn her back into a blacksmith and crafted more ingots. Turned her back into an engineer. After some crafting I checked her xp and she was 300 xp. The way I see it it was either the xp stayed when she hit the amount required to level its reset it back to 0 but didn’t move up her level or her xp didn’t transfer when her jobs did.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Take apprentice engineer
  2. Change into blacksmith
  3. Do some crafting
  4. Change back into engineer

Expected Results:
Engineer keeps xp and levels normally

Actual Results:
Engineer does not level up

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 20

hey there @Sosilly99,

this is actually by design, when you change a persons job halfway through leveling up their xp is wiped, same as how when someones leveled in one job, it will take longer for them to level in another job.

normally you would want to have two blacksmiths before getting an engineer, so that once one is promoted you still have a leveled blacksmith.

hope this helps clear your confusion :slight_smile:

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