Engineer and Blacksmith: Maintain orders are ignored

Engineer and Blacksmith: Maintain orders are ignored

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Promote a blacksmith to an Engineer
  2. Build and place the Engineer’s workbench
  3. Define a maintain crafting order; I used bronze gears when I found this bug.
  4. Observe the maintain order being ignored.
  5. Define a standard craft action of the same item.
  6. Observe the standard craft action get performed immediately.

Edit: Maintain orders appear to now be ignored by Blacksmiths as well. I ran out of copper ingots, checked to ensure I had sufficient copper ore (I had enough in reserve for 25 ingots) and that the hearthling wasn’t otherwise tied up. When I issued a standard craft order for 25 copper ingots, it turned active immediately. Weirdly, once I had copper ingots on hand, the pre-existing maintain order I have in place for bronze ingots went active. So it doesn’t appear to be comprehensively broken.

Expected Results:
Standard craft and maintain orders handled the same as the rest of the classes.

Actual Results:
maintain orders are ignored by the engineer.

I used a save carried over from A16. Not sure if that matters.

Available upon request.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A17 D3002 x64

Maintain orders sometimes get a bit hinky, though I’m not sure the cause.

If I were to guess I think it would be because at one point the crafter was unable to craft the item and for some reason once the resources became available the maintain order was not updated.

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Hi there!

How many bronze gears did you already have in your inventory? It sounds like it thought you already had the maintain amount of gears in the town inventory so did not initiate the crafting for it.

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None. It was a brand new engineer and I was setting up some initial maintain orders.