Engine Error when starting new game Alpha 22 build 737 w/ Candledark + Frostfeast

When reinstalling the game properly (deleting) anything but settings & savegames, with a certain configuration, game creation is impossible.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Reinstall the game using the ‘delete mods’ option so merely official mods are being installed and activate Candledark + Frostfeast
  2. Create a new game with Rayya’s Children on Winter Desert in Hard mode
  3. 2 Engine Errors appear on World generation screen

Error #1:
release-737 (x64)[M]
…arth/services/server/world_generation/landscaper.lua:577: bad argument #2 to ‘format’ (string expected, got nil)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘format’
…arth/services/server/world_generation/landscaper.lua:577: in function ‘mark_boulders’
…server/world_generation/world_generation_service.lua:157: in function ‘fn’
…onehearth/services/server/world_generation/timer.lua:13: in function ‘measure’
…server/world_generation/world_generation_service.lua:137: in function ‘set_blueprint’
…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:153: in function ‘create_new_world’
…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:169: in function <…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:158>

Error #2:
release-737 (x64)[M]
c++ exception: lua runtime error
stack traceback:

Expected behavior:
Do not ship incompatible mods or forcefully deactivate them or at least warn for potential incompatibility/lack of testing

Version Number and Mods in use:
Stonehearth 0.22.0 (release 737) x64 build

System Information:
Up-to-date Windows 7 64bits

As far as I know, from previous comments, those mods are NOT updated and so are not compatible with the latest versions of SH.

In the blog post where they were shipped there were notes that specifically warned that they must be run with X alpha.

Since we’re in alpha and the modding API is in change, nobody expects the mods to continue working once you update the game to the next version. If there’s some heavy change in the API, we change the API version in the manifest, so old mods will have a different API version and will be automatically marked as outdated (and deactivated) in the Mod Manager.

But Candledark and Frostfeast were especially made to work in the version that was currently available when they were implemented, and were known to break in the following release due to new features, so nobody expects them to still work with the current alpha.

We could add some label in the mod manager to remind players that mods might break when the game is updated :thinking:

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It could then be nice to keep that behavior into those 2 mods and not have any behave in a special way, as it is a nice way of managing obsolescence. Why would one wish to break it in the first place?

I confirm that having reinstalled Stonehearth with the latest version did not deactivate those previously activated mods in the manager.

The mod manager isn’t very powerful yet. :wink: We didn’t mean to break the mods, but changes to the game naturally do. I’m afraid that the best way to play them after the holiday is over is to keep a version of that alpha with the mod installed.

One day, when the code is more stable, we can look at more robust mod-compatibility features, but right now it’s pretty much impossible. There are LOT of changes coming. :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know!

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