Enable Shift-F5 by Default

Enable Shift-F5 by default. See mistaken bug report below.

When playing normally, pressing shift-F5 no longer performs “Quick Save followed by Quick Load (resets the AI)” as defined here. The command now appears to be non-functional.

Affected Version:
Dev 2603

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play they game normally, and press Shift-F5.
  2. Observe no apparent save or UI reload operations.

Save Game Example:
Zip File

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It works for me. Do you have debug keys enabled in your user_settings.json? If you don’t, it will not work.


I have debug enabled and it doesn’t work anymore

@Relyss Has this changed recently, perhaps?

I just tried in latest and it works fine.

@Kodi4444, we’re talking about "enable_debug_keys" : true, in your user_settings file here, not about debugtools.

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“enable_debug_keys” is not in the file. do I need to add it?

Yes. It’s a debug option for the devs, that’s why it’s not by default in your user_settings.