Easy win against Goblins

So I load up a new world to find out what to click to defeat the goblins easily and I found out what to do
But what I realised is that this glitch only occurred when you meet your first goblin at day 3 and for some reason it happens when I’m building also the goblins are still there in their camp
When this happened lots of error came up to the screen (2 To be precise)
I tried to print screen the moment but instead it took a picture of my desktop

I’ll try capture the moment again

hmm… I know this sounds simple, but you lost me! what exact steps did you take, and what was the end result?

Well here is the aftermath…

First I Told my workers to build
then the goblins set camp when i agreed i’ll give them my stuff
then i just simply looked at their camp and then alll of a sudden they were defeated
then i got 2 error message
then i clicked on the chief then 1250 errors appeared (literally)

thanks for the follow-up… odd, that is the same error as reported here: