Dwarven Empire/My alpha experience

I found it REALLY fun digging out a dwarven empire in a nearby mountain :smiley: So, I thought, why not make it possible to create underground buildings and stuff? I absolutely loved it! Most fun I’ve had in ages.

Here’s a few of the glitches I’ve encountered however:

  • When the tip to “Click here to apply” came on the stockpile with a flashing checkbox, the flashing checkbox stayed there after closing it. Wish I had a screenshot!

  • A bunch of “Can’t assign version twice” or something error, I’ll try to reproduce it. Happens all the time, when creating new game, when just playing and when building.

  • Massive lag when going into slice mode, although its to be expected :slight_smile:

And thats it! Keep in mind I have all the graphics setting cranked up, dont know if that matters.

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I am tempted to play the game, despite promising myself that I would only play it once it was finished…

I’m all for this. When I think Dwarves I think grand decor of all kinds… great marble pillars, bronze statues, tile floors… perhaps even a little steampunk thrown in. Anything to add that sort of feel by custom building would suit nicely for me.

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