[Dup] Workers Picking Up/Dropping Items Repetively, Delivery Error?

Hello. I couldn’t find a topic that seemed like it had my exact problem so I decided to go ahead and post this here. I don’t know what exactly is going on or the best way to explain but I will try to accomplish it. Every now and then (gets worse the further away people are from my base), the workers will go over and collect some of the items like normal; however, instead of bringing the items back to a supply zone, the worker will instead stand there for several moments and do nothing. After a few moments, they will completely empty their inventory wherever they happen to be standing and then proceed to pick everything back up again and repeat the process. Sometimes, putting a storage area somewhere near the items tends to help the problem, but not always. This doesn’t happen often near my base, its only when things are somewhat far away that I start running into this problem. Any suggestions/advice is highly welcome to solving this problem. Or maybe guidance to a relative topic if there was one and I just missed it.

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