[Dup] The miracle of the stone pavement

Roll up! Roll up!
Come and see the amazing…the incredible…the magical…miracle of the stone pavement!
Watch with awe as your villagers perform trickery never seen before: it’s a spectacle you’ll never forget!
More miraculous than even the greatest biblical events…It is a sight to behold!
Forget water and wine…Your villagers will turn one piece of stone into several pieces of wood!
Roll up! Roll up!

Summary: Villagers take wood instead of stone when removing a road.

Steps to reproduce: while building a stone road, go into the building menu, click on the not yet built part of the road, and click “Remove”, to remove the whole thing. The villagers will retrieve wood rather than stone.

Expected results: stone is removed from the road, with the same number of 1x1x1 voxels-per-piece-of-stone as when it was built.

Actual results: wood is removed, with one piece of wood per 1x1x1 voxel.

Notes: This might only work with the brick road (I haven’t tried it with the cobble)
Unfortunately I couldn’t get a screenshot.

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