[Dup] Shepard Upgrade Broken

Upgrading a Trapper to a Shepard does not work.

I am unable to upgrade my trapper to a Shepard.

Steps to reproduce:
The Game did this on it’s own.

Expected Results:
Being able to upgrade a trapper into a Shepard.

Actual Results:
After acquiring the Shepard’s Crook, and having a level 4 Trapper, he was not able to upgrade, as the requirements were “missing”.



As Shown above, the Trapper is level four.

The Shepard’s Crook, as shown in the stockpile.

Versions and Mods:
Latest “unstable” version of the game; I do not know how to check which build I am on, if anyone knows please tell me.

System Information:
Windows 8, default PC besides 8 GB DDR3 RAM added.

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