[Dup] Hearthlings teleporting while eating


So as I was playing my game, everything is going well, when all of a sudden it said that Lee Ember has died. I am very confused as there is nothing going on around my village, so I click on the popup and it brings me to the other side of the map! There is a gravestone (RIP Lee Ember) and about 5 goblins standing around him. So I restarted my game trying to figure out how he got over there, and there he is, eating on the ground, all the way across the map. I hope he was enjoying his berries because the goblins returned and slaughtered him. There is absolutely NO way he could get there without me building ladders and all such. So I load a previous save and watch him… it gets time for him to eat and he walks into the dining hall and vanishes. I pause the game and go to where I had previously found him but he wasn’t there, That is when i noticed this…

The little guy is eating underground… so I found out where they have all been eating all this time… This is my village in comparison to where he is…


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