[Dup] Hearthings suddenly forget how to....anything

Heya. I’m using Alpha 11 early build on steam (buggy I know) and thought I’d share this.

I decided to build pretty slow (normal game, no mods). I made a little farming community. Only two buildings made, both just one story. Despite building slow I got up to 18 hearthlings. After a bit none of my workers or crafters were doing anything even though I had several tasks for them to do (plenty of logs and things to pick up around the village). I found them all and they were all just standing around with the hungry icon above their heads. I had more than enough food but they weren’t eating.

Trying to fix this I saved/reloaded. Then I tried exiting the game completely. After those didn’t work I tried moving them around as a party and tried town defense mode too. Nothing. Kinda strange.

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