[Dup] Bug: "infinite" berries from one bush

It is possible to obtain more than one basket of berries from the same bush immediately. It’s actually quite easy to do so, following these steps:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start a new game.
  2. Settle near some berries (just for expeditiousness)
  3. With no workers busy, click on one berry bush.
  4. Repeatedly spam the ‘1’ key, to give the order to gather berries.
  5. Watch, as all 6 workers rush to the bush to gather berries, as many times as you pressed ‘1’
  6. The bush will provide berries until the LAST ‘gather’ command is fulfilled. You can even issue more while berries are being gathered.

Note: If not enough workers are available to gather the number of commands (say you pressed it 11 times with only the 6 workers) then some workers (usually 2) will stay and continue to gather and create a pile of berry bushes at their feet, to be later hauled to the stockpile. The number gathered is ALWAYS the number of times the command was issued.

Possibly related: The berry bush used to confirm this bug will often not lose its berries, and be harvestable immediately again, or very shortly after, after a shorter-than-normal regrowth period.

Expected Outcome: Harvesting berries from one bush should only allow one basket of berries to be harvested. Recommend disabling the ‘gather’ command as soon as it is issued and until it is completed, rather than leaving it possible to repeatedly issue the command.

I love this i never need to worry about food again

thanks for the report! it was logged over on curse, but i’m going to copy your report there, as your’s is well worded… :+1: