Limited Repeat Harvesting

Is there a way to make it so you can gather from a resource a few times, then have it deplete?

For example, have it so that after 10 times gathering berries from a bush, the bush would deplete and drop a seed instead, requiring it to be replanted?

Is “deplete” as in a renewable resource? Or that the bush would disappear?
If it’s the second I think what Bruno suggested in the other thread might work (non-renewable resource and then a separate loot drops component). :thinking:

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The latter; after gathering 10 times, the berry bush would disappear, or turn into a “barren” version of itself.

The other parallel I thought of would be akin to the tree stump mod that Bruno made, so you would effectively get two gathers (the initial non-renewable, then it would change into a “barren” version that you’d gather for the seed).

Just ideally was hoping for something that could be gathered more than once before it changed to the barren version. Somewhere in between trees (single harvest) and berry bushes (infinite harvest).

(Wish I would’ve remembered the word ‘barren’ earlier to be clearer in my initial post, bah!)

I strongly suspect there’s no such mechanism in the game currently, sadly.

In the json, in your renewable resource, add "durability":10,
You will be able to harvest it, wait it regrow, harvest again, etc, until the 10th harvest. Then the item is destroyed



I will have to try that - thank you so much, Bruno, I would not have thought of that!

@Relyss A suggestion that would make Kitty task possible:

In the renewable_component, replace the

This way, the loot_drop component can detect the item being killed and can drop a last resource defined in the loot json, different from those in the renewable component.

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