[Dup] Broken Town Journal UI

Title: Town Journal UI Broken

Summary: When the journal is opened, rather than having the two columns “good / bad things”, there is just one column that takes up the whole journal. See the attached image for a better explanation.

Steps to reproduce: I’m not entirely sure about this. It seems to happen unpredictably. I can have it not working one minute and working the next.

Expected Results: Normal journal appears, with two columns and a scroll bar.

Actual Results: Only one column with both sides joined together, overflowing from the book instead of having a scroll bar.

Notes: This has happened in most of my games.

Attachments: How it was when the bug occurred:

How it was not long after that:

Versions and Mods: Release 114, with no mods

System Information:
Processor: AMD E-300 APU 1.30 GHz (Yes, this really can run Stonehearth xD)
Graphics: AMD Radeon “HD” 6310 Graphics
Installed memory (RAM): 4.00 GB (3.60 GB usable)


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