Dungeon editor (extension building editor)

The idea is simple, it is an extension of the building editor focussed on digging out dungeons. It gives you the mining tools beyond the ones already in the harvest menu, and it works the same way as the building editor, templates for dungeon segments, designing, removing and rebuilding parts and not the whole thing, relocating and reusing templates etc. The x-ray vision mode could be used to show what will be carved away in the template.

I am no programmer, so I am aware that it might be lots of coding work. But in my opinion, because of the functionality written above, it would be worth it.

Here are some tools I think would be useful in a dungeon editor:
Big and small mining tools:
-the same tools as those in the harvest menu. consider this the “slab” (as in unspecialized) tool of the building editor, but then in mining.

-Similar to the big mining tool in the harvest menu, but this one doesn’t snap to a grid, and only has the four voxel thing in the height direction, the other two it works in single voxels. This is similar to the “floor” in the building editor.

-carves out stairs

-adds a pillar of a certain width

-used to make tunnels, especially diagonal tunnels

-makes platforms of a certain height and size
Edit: this is the wrong word, the correct word is “slab” (not the slabs of the building editor, but like a cuboid of stone on top of a floor, if that makes sense).

Edit: Basic tools
Furniture, windows, doors, decorations etc. are also available. Maybe it could be made in two tabs (building and cave/dungeon) in the building editor, so you could switch between the two and have both sets of tools available at all times.

Edit: all things here are carved out, not really build. pillars and platforms are basically parts that aren’t cut out.

What do you think?

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I love it, but Its already mostly in the game since you can mine out sized selections of blocks and the platforms need pillars. It seems like a lot of work for not much. On the other side of the story you could spice up your idea. You should think of some new cool things. I know a few but I will let you think and if you want my ideas just @BlitzFallOfficial

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I think these types of things are on the devs’ radar but low on the to-do list. For example, I have seen the “negative-stairs” carving tool brought up on the Twitch stream.

Currently hard to implement as hearthlings can’t place blocks above their feet (and, as such, can’t build columns up to the cavern ceiling).

dungeonpillars could use the pillar mechanic of the walls, to solve the digging up mechanic a mole could be introduced, climbing up stone/dirt without the ladder and chopping 2x2 pieces. Structures for dungeons could use the furniture mechanic (craft and place), just place it and the crafter runs to the place Crafting the structures, would take the awesome mechanic of stonehearth but could solve it.

It is mostly in the game, I agree, but building a detailed dungeon/cave is like building a building only out of slabs. You can do it, but it is nice to have a building editor that can do walls, and roofs and roads.

[quote=“BlitzFallOfficial, post:2, topic:24198”]
It seems like a lot of work for not much. On the other side of the story you could spice up your idea. You should think of some new cool things.[/quote]

I have given a minimalist explanation on purpose; people don’t like reading big swats of detailed text. What I told is supposed to be a bit more spiced up than this, to the same level of functionality and detail that the building editor currently has.

I now I am curious, tell me.

I saw that too, in fact this is how I came up with this idea. In the stream one of the dev’s complaint was that the harvest menu would get too full (you could fill the entire harvest menu with all kinds of specialized carving tools). Such a dungeon editor would solve this problem.

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I agree and disagree. Maybe if they moved all of the mining stuff into a menu in the harvest menu then it would be better. Cause in general it would not cause that much troubles for anyone. That is due to the fact that you don’t need to harvest that very quickly.

That is what i meant in the following quote.

I probably should have specified that more clearly in my previous post that I just quoted.

sounds good so i would suggest that a basement tool for buildings that built on top of basement example you build a Tacern with cellar its would work

Now that is a good idea

In his recent Devstream (Dev Stream 275: Moar building) @not_owen_wilson (thank you @coasterspaul) told about his vision for the building editor as a group of tools that make you manipulate voxels as if they are a wall, or a roof etc.

My suggestion is a special compartiment in the building editor that does basically that, but with the carving of voxels instead of the building of them. And with the building overhaul being done now, I though it would be a good idea to re-open the discussion.

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I believe Chris is @not_owen_wilson. [Well, of course he isn’t, but that’s his username.]

Giving the ability to carve out voxels in the building editor would allow for basements in building templates, which would be really cool, and stairs cut into terrain, which I’m pretty sure some members of the team have said they’ve wanted.

I could probably go with just the stairs most of the time. The rest seems like a must-have when they add dwarves, unless they’re getting a big empty stone “cave” biome to build on top of normally - I’d be kind of disappointed with that, honestly.

Chris also mentioned the possibility of being able to save building parts and then add them to buildings, and that’s a completely different situation where being able to include voxels to cut would be very useful.

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