Duck, Duck, Undercover Goose

This is a idea for a co-op thingy.
So in a game of 3+ people you have one person randomly picked to be a Goose/saboteur. He not only has control over his own city but he also has the ability to summon troops to attack/steal from the other players, kidnap, plant spies, and start revolts.
The other players goal is to find and destroy the enemy. For a Goose to win he either has to kill all the other players, or overlap the top player in 5 aspects.

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Title change: Duck, Duck, Undercover Goose

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Yes! :smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds most ingreeging, I like the idea, but isn’t that somewhat a more pvp kinda aspect? nvm, it’s a good idea

It’s like a co-op pvp, you could all work together and only some times screw people over, or you can start a war without ever getting involved.

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This seems very much like a new version of mafia to me. One person only and the rest are civilians but real time as well. It also makes me wonder an important question: How would this be better than normal mp? You seem just like you’re limiting most of the players and than giving them a target which seems kind of not that good to me.

@Xavion Thing is, you don’t know who the Goose is, and the Goose has control over evil in and around cities.

But how are you meant to find out? The espionage stuff would likely be the route to go except for the fact that it’s limited to the goose. The only special thing I can see is the summoning of troops but that just sounds like a fancy form of mercenaries to me.

All players can do espionage, and when i say summon i mean more like direct enemies. And to find out you would look (like in TTT) who is doing the best, or who is acting suspicious, or who’s hiding.

Hm… how about adjusting this idea a bit to the extreme @naturalnuke?

One player is announced as evil and plays a different game:

  • Control over a limited amount of evil units which he can spawn.
  • Available units are growing depending on the progress of the other players.
  • Can only build a fortress, no city.
  • Has no professions, just workers to build the fortress and evil units to defend it.
  • Gets a bonus if his units are killing units from the other players or destroying buildings.

The goal of the other players would be to join forces, level up their city and build up an army large enough to overrun the evil players fortress.



5 players, each one builds a city. The Goose’s plan is to destroy all of his rival cities, but there’s a catch: there would be a big red button that says “Declare War”, and if all 4 of the other players have declared war on the Goose at the same time, he loses. Therefore, he must also attack his own city, in order to make it look like he isn’t the Goose, etc. However, all 4 of the Ducks declaring war on every other player wouldn’t work: each of their cities still must be 2x as big, whether in terms of wealth (stockpile sizes, etc), population, land held, etc, and they must be war declared. Each Duck can also assist each other in building cities, but they may also end up helping the Goose unknowingly. Anyway, that’s the basis of the idea: seeing who can build the best/biggest city before the Goose (who would have quite a large advantage (4v1 isn’t fair, so resource boost, or population boost, or whatever)) can grow his city large enough to be 2x the size of EACH of his opponents’.


This is along the lines of what i’m taking about! :thumbsup:

Ooooah, I like this idea, @ManOfRet! Nobody knows who the Goose is… Until its too late!

Hey, don’t give me credit… I’m just elaborating on what I think @naturalnuke was suggesting at.

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And you were spot on sir. :thumbsup:


This seems like a super cool thing and I do hope it will be possible to play this gamemode sometime.