DT: Looking Forward



I aught to say that was really well said. Like the short description to describe what stonehearth is. Quite what I would imagine it to be.

That is such a lovely little town built up before my eyes. So much inspiration. :smiley:
Good to have a some what definitive what to describe that can be simply be explained. Something I am not so great at, but look forward to see how things progress. :slight_smile:


I noticed a slight metallic buzzing that accompanied Steph’s voice. Is there something wrong with the mic you’re using to record DT?

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It’s great that you took a step back and looked at what you’ve achieved so far and where you want to go in the future.Sharing this vision with us also gives us the confidence, that you know what you’re doing and I’m very interested how your development goes on from this point.

Although I haven’t player alpha17 yet, I’ve always followed you progression there and I really like how you share information and some “behind the scenes”, e.g. (I think it was Yang) in alpha16 determining the raid size and difficulty of the monsters approaching your town.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next DT, keep up the good work! :smiley:


Glad to hear the team’s got their heads on straight!

Building improvements aside, I do hope they take some time to look at class and resource balance. The farmer tweak (requiring level-ups for new crops) had a large impact on gameplay flow for such a small change. Rearranging the existing tech tree a little (especially for Rayya’s) could yield similar boons. We’re also chomping at the bit to learn more about the Northern Alliance and how they’ll play!


Could u pleaaasee bring back the plotable flowers and give us more green decorations?

id give all of you developers a warm hug :blush:

but the rest is allready awesome. thank you for the gameplay.

This game has a lot of potentiall. If you can keep hearing the community like this and keeping in the right track this will become a totally successfull game. Keep up this awesome work!

She’s absolutely right that SH is ‘unique’

Seriously, try to find a game like her!(by ‘her’ i mean the game) i bet you’ll have a hard time finding one or a decent one

And maybe we should try to make a new word for a game like SH! A genra that she creates!

Hmm,… ‘Ant-farm’? Er… Maybe ‘City designer’?

Ps: oh! Maybe RTSA! (Real Time Strategy Ant-farm!)

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It could be that SH at its core, isn’t a game. The game part is probably added afterwards to make it … playable(?)

I would call it a simulation: You act, the world react, the world act, you react.

I think it appeals to those who don’t like abstract/artificial/boardgame-like/discrete puzzles/games.

It’s to the usual RPG what RTS is to chess (?)

@not_owen_wilson @sdee How can I enable that awesome new building status visualizer?

To elaborate on my comment (btw, why are forum comments still not tied up to the blog? :wink: ) :
While your vision of the game does not exactly meets my expectations, I completely agree with each one of the “pillars” you’ve described. While I would welcome new features, functionality and items, I understand you can’t build a house without a firm basement. And performance was an issue for far too long.

Seriously guys. This is awesome. You are awesome.

PS. The other post on Chucklefish’s forums. Yes, I’m referring to you as to the example :grin:

PPS. Adding to your “the world must be alive” thesis. I can’t wait to see working water mechanics. And underground exploration. And ruins (this is the start for the Rabbit Clan, right?).
Also, making underground caverns can make good use of Geomancer later on (like blocking routes for the mosters to attack from underground).
Speaking of ruins. @Pandemic described it better than I can possibly do.