DT: Better Building Through Science!



Haha beat me to posting this again by like 10 seconds :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally offtopic but man that was a scary movie!

Cool :smiley: two and more floors, here i come.
But, I’m curious if this will work - when I’m builidng something, i also build roads right? But road cannot join floor of the building, because in such case road and building are starting to work as one building, and I can’t connect anything in city by roads - i always must leave that one tile of grass between road and floor of builidng.

Like this - i builded one house - in game, building 1 -, one road - in game, building 2 -, and second house - in game building 3. If i connect both houses with road, the way that floor is connected with road, all buildings melt into one building, presumable building 1 in game. And also, often bugs and destroys already builded blocks. Is Alpha 15 going to do something with it? Or am I doing something wrong and nobody else is having problem with that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, another tuesday, another good news about game.

hey @WilteDragon, welcome to the discourse :smile:

hmm… i personally dont play around with roads much,so i’m not sure about the problem you mentioned…

Cool… need this update…

It is possible to add in the template of build a item used as storage ? (with config ?) With this possibility. right from the start i can make build for the carpenter etc…
I need this possibility…

Personally, I’d like to thank all the fine folks that have contributed
to the impossible-to-build thread on the discourse; this has made
finding and fixing these issues dramatically easier than it would
otherwise have been.

and we will finde more impossible-to-build buildings, after the patch :wink:


Never apologize for technical Desktop Tuesdays. That’s what I live for!

Anyway, cool stuff. Maybe in Alpha 15 I’ll build some double story crafter shops so my crafters can live upstairs form their workspaces. I’ve been meaning to redesign my housing plan, anyway.


Yes. it is i want to.
i try it in the post : [A14/A15] The buildings my hearthling will not build Thread
i would create :
1 zone outdoor for the item for craft.
1 zone inside lvl 0 : the stockpite for ressource (wood for ex.)
1 zone inside lvl1 for the living carter.

But for this :

  • template need to save item stockpite with config
    —> Alpha 16 ?? :slight_smile:
  • the living zone or bed could be set to a hearthling.
    –> Alpha 17 ?? :slight_smile:
  • the item could be placed on floor or fondation(if on lvl+ ( on stab see my post))

Hey hey hey! Just because Stephanie is gone doesn’t mean you get to slack on the video presentation! :stuck_out_tongue:

You could have at least did your best Impersonation! jk jk

Thank you all for the work :slight_smile:


Hmm… quite a few of mine weren’t really overly complicated as much as some I’ve see; but it is a nice feeling to hear about maybe finally being able to build certain ones, if not many of the ones I have went overboard on.

So more or less lovely to hear all the improvements coming, very much a thank you to all those work hard on the subject at hand. Love seeing what other people build; gives me inspirations for things I build. :smiley:

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This’ll be a little more technical than a typical Desktop Tuesday, but that’s what Stephanie gets for inviting me to write :slight_smile:

I, personally, love the occasional text-heavy DT.

The Discourse may not be a perfect sample of all DT readers, but here we go:

Preferred Desktop Tuesday format:

  • All videos
  • Mostly videos, occasional technical writeup
  • Mostly text posts, occasional video
  • All text

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… There is no middle option for that. I actually prefer a balance between the two. So… videos are nice for a look on some of the visual things, and having a text bit after elaborating on it helps greatly. Then maybe even having a bit of technical with some reference pics like today was, is always welcome in my eyes; since I like hearing all about what they have in mind or wanting to share with us.

I guess I just like all parts of the game, even under the hood type stuff… Even if I am not so great with a modeling program or the modding aspect of it. However I do have a rough understanding of it all. Just haven’t had extra time to learn the languages/scripts that goes into modding yet… Although not many ideas come to me that hasn’t already been touched on. More of a builder inside the game. :slight_smile:


Roads are just another type of building, so if you design buildings at the same time as you’re designing the roads around that building, and the roads and buildings meet (like having a path lead up to the doorway), then the system considers the entire road and the structure to all be a single building.

I believe @WilteDragon is suggesting that may not be handled well yet. While I’ve seen this happen, I haven’t had problems completing builds with roads attached to them myself.


Truthfully I prefer an equal mix, but of the options in your poll I chose mostly text posts. I like videos when there’s a new feature that needs to be explained, but I prefer to dig in deep with text when it’s a technical problem and I think lots of text with a few key images are better than a short video.