Dragon's Shield won't equip

So, that’s just it. Non of my hearthlings are equiping the Dragon’s Shield (legendary weapon’s recipe from Raya’s branch)

I tried to equip in Raya’s hearthlings (knight max level), nothing
Tried on reembarked hearthlings (also max level knight), nope
And tried reembarking to all other races with the shield, they just ignore it too
Tried to change weapon preferencies many times, also nothing
Tried to make new Dragon’s shields, nah
Tried to sell all ranks shields, they prefer the job’s basic shield

can someone help? I notice that there’s no discussion about this at all, nothing even about the Dragon’s Shield on fandom wiki (there’s a page but has no text and a image from another game lmao)


I can confirm the bug exists and already found it.

Thanks for the report, will be on the next fix/update! :merry:


Thanks :jubilant: