Drag in vertical while building

Hello! First of all i wanna know if there are any staff member that knows spanish because i have posted some ideas but i know i cant explain it very well because of my english. Anyway im trying my best.

The suggest is:
When i build i can drag all my blocks in X - Z axis, so i can make really big plataforms in a fast way, but sometimes i want to make big walls or whatever so i have to be placing every level bock one by one. Why dont u make an option to drag all the blocks in vertical? Something like drag pressing SHIFT.
Maybe as i said i didnt explain so well so i made this draws on paint trying to explain myself:

Not my best draw but i think it explains it ok,


Well i get what your asking. As a builder myself, in real life. When we build walls they are built lying down, then lifted into place. Now I know it would be unpractical to do that in this game, but it would be cool to get a way to make walls faster then 1 line at a time


Hello @QraTz I know Spanish :slight_smile: (though I’m not a dev, just a moderator in the forum).

No worries, your english is perfectly fine. The drawings also add to the suggestion, so anyone can see them and the title and know what you’re referring to. :thumbsup:


Definitely agree. Would be very useful for mining as well :slight_smile:


Radiant please add this to the to-do list!It will prolong the lifespan in my mouse. :wink:

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