Door Designs - Feedback Wanted

So I’m working on the designs for my dwarf/underground city, and I decided to start with the door.

Here’s the three designs I came up with.

I feel each reflects a certain “dwarfishness” in their own unique ways. What do you think?


I would say either A or B depending on what style you want to do your city in.

C feels more like the entrance to a single building into the mountain maybe an inn or something in that direction.

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My favorites are B and C! Nice job anyway, that are some cool designs!

With this quality, I would see anyway some kind of carving into the cliff all around, semi natural, semi artistic to envelop the entrance into something even bigger… :open_mouth:


I considered that. But so far, the game only has single-level cliffs, making complex bas reliefs very difficult, if not impossible.

I feel like maybe there should be some steeper cliffs in the game.

All elevation changes look like this right now:

But I’d like to see some sheer cliffs and deep valleys, using double-stacked tiles, like this:

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Wow. I love these, amazing skills! But I love B. It just looks like an entrance to something epic, I don’t know why but I just fell in love with that design :smile: But if it’s and underground city, then maybe instead of the staircase going up, it goes a little down? I’m not sure if it will work with the design, but yeah.

But you can carve this, it may be long but it’s totally doable. Even on 3 levels or more!
Eventually if you want to cheat a little bit, you can do it in seconds using instant mining.

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c looks cool :stuck_out_tongue: think I am going to borrow that on for my designs :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like C. Maybe combine with the stairs from A?

Awesome, please bring us MOAR!