Does anyone use the User Card Background?

Hello, everyone! It’s been a slow week for me, considering the usual rush for finals and projects to complete. So I’ve been looking around the Discourse occasionally, and I was curious: Does anyone (besides myself) use the “User Card Background” in their profile?

For example, if you click my profile icon (or another person’s) next to a topic or post, you’ll get a display showing general details about the member, the text they set on their profile page, and some of the titles and badges they’re received. However, if you add a picture to the User Card Background in the profile preferences, you can also set a picture to it–extra fancy! I’ve currently set mine as one of the night shots from my Alpha 5 Diadem project.

So, just figured I’d bring this up, as it might be an easy, interesting way for people in the community to show what they’re been focusing on recently without people having to jump in and out of profiles. Plus, it also just looks neat (if it works like I think it does). Why not check it out?


TBH it never even occurred to me to look into this (or similar). I tend to have my avatar and (not here obviously) a short signature (usually “Clear ether!”, though sometimes I add useful links to it etc), but… yeah my profile page is just not something I ever really think about. Heck, I think my short bio bit is actually my PC’s specs, rather than an actual bio :stuck_out_tongue: .